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Bat Removal Findlay Ohio

Bat Removal And Bat Exclusion create difficult challenges for wildlife nuisance removal professionals. So, removing and excluding bats requires THE experienced team provided by Buckeye Wildlife Solutions NW Bat Removal Findlay Ohio division headed by Chris Whitmer.

“I promise my company will exceed all health recommendations during the pandemic. Plus, we can perform most tasks outside of your living environment. I take pride in all the services that I provide, and customer satisfaction is #1.”
The Best To You And Yours,

Chris Witmer, Owner Of Buckeye Wildlife Solutions Northwest

What You Can Expect From Bat Removal Findlay Ohio

Honest & Fair Pricing

We price fairly and upfront offering our customers excellent value but not at the expense of quality.

Fully Licensed and Insured

We are a Licensed and Insured Nuisance wildlife and pest control operator covering the state of Ohio

Communicate Clearly & Listen

Customer communication is one of the most important parts of our business. Plus, we listen to you!

Perform Work In A Timely Manner

We give a time frame for finishing our jobs and stick to it.

Quality Work 100% Of The Time

Our work quality always meets industry standards and exceeds them in many instances.

Get a Quote For Your Nuisance Bat Problems

Small Bat Job, Big Bat Job, It Doesn’t Matter – We’re Always There For You!

We’re Ready For Any Bat Removal, Bat Proofing, and Bat Cleanup Job No Matter The Size

Bat Removal Findlay Ohio offers an environmentally favorable solution when a bat or bat colony enters your home, business, or any area of a structure. We humanely remove bats alive via one-way valves that allow bats out but stop bats from getting back into the building. Once bats have exited, we remove the one-way valves, and we seal up all those one-way valve exit gaps so they cannot enter the building again. And if your home needs bat feces and soiled insulation removed, attic sanitation, and attic insulation replacement Bat Removal Findlay Ohio does it all!

Bats leave bat guano and bat urine in your home. Hire Buckeye Wildlife Solutions NW Bat Removal Findlay Ohio Team.

Since we are a Buckeye Wildlife Solutions division, we have all the big-time equipment and high-quality talent for any difficult bat removal problem. We treat your home like it’s our own, carefully locating all bat hiding places and removing them according to Ohio’s local and state laws. Our state-licensed, class-trained, and road-tested bat specialists provide effective solutions that will completely remove any bat infestation and prevent bats from returning.

Quick Intro To Our Services

“There Are No Secrets To The Success Of Buckeye’s Bat Removal Findlay Ohio Division. Our Education, Experience, Preparation, Hard Work, And Continued Learning Keep Us Ahead Of The Competition.”

Bat removal and bat exclusion in Findlay Ohio. Hire Buckeye Wildlife Solutions NW Bat Removal Findlay Ohio Team for all things bats.

Bat Removal | Exclusion

It’s true; bats support the control of insects by eating thousands in the evening. But, if bats enter your home, however, they can become an ordeal. The guano accumulation and the smell can be terrible. Bat removal and bat exclusion are essential!
Attic Cleanup and Attic Sanitation  in Findlay Ohio.  Hire Buckeye Wildlife Solutions NW Bat Removal Findlay Ohio Team for attic restoration.

Attic Cleanup And Sanitation

When bats get into our home, they leave unwanted, unsafe material behind. Our technicians are trained in various cleaning processes, including feces removal, soiled insulation removal, and attic sanitation and odor removal. We hold safety in the highest regard.
Bat proofing structures in Findlay Ohio.  Hire Buckeye Wildlife Solutions NW Bat Removal Findlay Ohio Team for chimney coverings.

Bat Proofing Structures

Before bats have been removed, you must have your home carefully examined for gaps that allow bats entry into your living quarters. We locate every area that a bat can squeeze into, including windows, fascia, air vents, chimneys, ridgelines, and more.

Humane Bat Removal – Always

With our humane exclusion system using patented well-developed products for bat specialists, Bat Removal Findlay Ohio have successfully treated numerous:

  • Small Businesses
  • Home Owners
  • Industrial Businesses
  • Educational Facillities
  • Health Care Facilities

Regardless of where bats are located or the degree of difficulty, Buckeye Wildlife Solutions Bat Removal Findlay Ohio division has the experience to provide expert bat exclusion and bat contamination cleanup. Plus, we provide our customers with long term warranties.

We Do Not Exterminate Bats

Our Most Common Bat Encounters At Bat Removal Findlay Ohio

Even though 11 species of bats live in Ohio, most of the bats we encounter are the little brown bat and the big brown bats. The little and big brown bat tend to live in colonies, so if you have a bat issue, in all likelihood, there will be several bats in your home’s attic or walls.

Fortunately for you, bats eat insects and not humans. But, bites do bite, can carry rabies and can spread disease in their feces(guano) called Histoplasmosis. Once bats get inside your home or building, they provide serious challenges to the average homeowner. Removing bats without a bite or other possible problems requires proper training, tools, and knowledge.

Bat Removal Findlay Ohio removes little brown bats from your home and attic

Ohio’s Little Brown

Bat Removal Findlay Ohio removes big brown bats from your home and attic

Ohio’s Big Brown Bat

Often Asked Questions

Bat Removal Findlay Ohio has provided you with a series of the most commonly asked questions regarding our services, which include bat removal, bat exclusion, guano cleanup, contaminated material removal, sanitizing – disinfecting, and insulation replacement.

Ohio bats, for the most part, are quite small and can squeeze through an opening 1″ x 5/8″. Bats love roosting in attics and walls roost sites and often these areas where the house meets the roof or chimney. If a bat entry has been used for a while, staining occurs in that area. You can also find entrances by observing the comings and goings of bats from your home.
Do Bats Carry Diseases?

When a bat colony resides in your home, it is only a matter of time before one or many of the bats finds their way into your living space. This poses a risk because bats can carry rabies. Hence the reason only trained professionals should deal with your bat issues.

“If you are bitten by a bat — or if infectious material (such as saliva or brain material if it is killed) from a bat gets into your eyes, nose, mouth, or a wound — wash the affected area thoroughly with soap and water and get medical advice immediately.” CDC

How quickly can bats be removed from my home?
Once we have accessed your bat problems, placed all the needed one-way valves, and closed up any other gaps that are not used for the one-way valves, it generally takes no more than 5 days. But, if it is winter and bats are hibernating removals may take longer.
What types of health risks are associated with bats removal from my home?
We only use safe bat exclusion process strategies that don’t include any chemicals. You do not need to leave your home during the bat removal process. You and your loved one are completely safe.
Once bats are removed and all entrances sealed are you done?
Generally, bats live in colonies and make a mess in their living quarters, leaving piles of guano and urine that contaminate the area, including insulation materials. All contaminated materials need to be removed and the area sanitized to prevent disease, bacteria, viruses, and odors from entering your living quarters.

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