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Attic Cleanup And Sanitation – Premiere Attic Restoration Service In Findlay Ohio

Feces Removal, Contaminated Insulation Removal, Disinfecting & Deodorizing Treatment, and Complete Insulation Replacement

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After A Wildlife Invasion, You May Need Attic Restoration

What Is Attic Cleanup And Sanitation?

Attic cleanup and sanitation is a necessary process for restoring your home to a clean and usable state after bats or other animals have made a mess of it. Bats can do all sorts of damage to your attic like tearing and contaminating insulation, mangling ducts and vents, and much more. Furthermore, bats can leave behind urine, guano, pheromones, oily buildup, and other debris which can contaminate any air or materials they come in contact with.

As a result, anyone who uses the enclosed space is at risk of experiencing allergic reactions, or even worse, contracting one of the many diseases bats are known to carry. Therefore, it is imperative that you hire a professional attic cleanup and sanitation service to safely restore your home or attic to its former, pristine condition. Don’t hesitate–a member of our Findlay staff is available to take your call right now at (419) 552-2001!

Why Is It Important To Perform An Attic Restoration?

Complete attic restoration is the backbone of a post-bat removal salvage mission. After evicting a colony of bats from your home or attic, it is essential to reverse all of the accumulated damage. Otherwise, you and anyone else using the affected area is put at unnecessary risk. Beyond the biohazard risks outlined above, you may run the risk of physical harm from damaged flooring, wiring, and other damaged structural elements.

In addition to the physical risk posed by a damaged attic, you may also experience an extreme decrease in your home’s efficiency. This includes your heating and cooling bills’ potential skyrocketing due to your attic leaking air. Additionally, rainwater, mud, and other debris may find their way inside your home if there is even a slight gap in your home’s roofing (especially soffits and fascia). Therefore, it is of paramount importance to fix your attic right away!

Bat Guano Pile at Attic Cleanup And Sanitation page
A messy attic with bat guano at the  Attic Cleanup And Sanitation page
Very old moldy pile of bat guano  at the  Attic Cleanup And Sanitation page
A bat colony inside this attic left this bat guano mess and needed our  Attic Cleanup And Sanitation services page
attic decontamination services
A layer of bat guano in an attic.

Removing The Wildlife Problem Is Only The Beginning Of The Solution

The Process Of Attic Cleanup and Sanitation

The first step in any attic cleanup and sanitation job is to make a detailed plan. Upon arriving at your home (or after a bat exclusion job has concluded), one of our attic restoration specialists will survey your entire attic. We’ll get a complete layout of the area including all problem areas which are either damaged or contaminated. After this, we begin the cleanup process, sweeping and removing all feces, damaged insulation, fur, and other debris.

After the attic is free of contaminated materials, we will completely sanitize the area with professional-grade cleaners and disinfectants. In doing this, we will make your attic look, smell, and feel like new. Once the area is safe to use again, we can address any other issues such as damaged walls, flooring, roofing, vents, and more. Startup your attic cleanup and sanitation today by calling our Findlay office at (419) 552-2001!

What Equipment Do We Use?

Performing a proper attic cleanup and sanitation service requires the enlistment of specialized tools otherwise unavailable to the average person. Bat Removal Findlay Ohio utilizes a full range of the highest quality, industrial-grade equipment available. This can include everything from personal protective equipment to industrial vacuums. Each member of our bat removal team is well-trained and experienced in handling each item in our repertoire.

When restoring a damaged attic, it is necessary to cover everything from sanitation to damage repair. Therefore, we invest heavily in equipment like water extractors, thermal foggers, top-of-the-line microbial disinfectants, and an array of carpentry-related tools to cover any problem which might arise. Rest assured, our team has the tools and the know-how to tackle even the largest and most complicated of attic restoration jobs!

Vacuuming up bat guano
Fogging and attic after attic decontamination
Buckeye Wildlife Solutions NW produced this spotless attic.
machine used to blow in insulation  at the  Attic Cleanup And Sanitation page
blowing in insulation
Beautiful while insulation in the attic

You May Have Fantastic Insurance But…

Does Insurance Cover Attic Cleanup And Sanitation?

We understand that the prospect of paying for a full attic restoration can be frightening. In some cases, homeowner’s insurance may cover some or all of the costs of attic cleanup and sanitation. Bat-related damage is commonly included in many insurance policies. However, the degree to which your insurance company covers each service’s costs is highly variable. Therefore, it is impossible to say for sure whether you’ll be covered until that option is explored.

The Bat Removal Findlay Ohio team prides itself in lending a helping hand to the communities we serve, and we promise always to be up-front and honest about the potential costs of each service. Our business rejects any one-size-fits-all approach to attic restoration, and we always work with our customers to determine which services best fit their specific needs. To start the attic cleanup and sanitation process now, call our office at (419) 552-2001!

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