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You Don’t Want Your Home To Be A Bat House!

Bat Proofing Structures – We Keep Bats Out Of Buildings In Findlay Ohio

We Do More Than Bat Proofing Structures: Feces Removal, Contaminated Insulation Removal, Disinfecting & Deodorizing Treatment, and Complete Insulation Replacement

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You Definitely Want To Prevent A Bat Invasion In Your Findlay Ohio Home

What Does Bat Proofing Structures Mean?

Bat proofing structures are the single most effective prevention tools at our disposal. They’re custom-made to fit even the trickiest of gaps, ensuring that bats won’t be able to find their way into your home or attic. Once we located each possible entry point around your house, we will design custom-fit structures for each area using the highest-quality metals available. We handle jobs of all sizes, ranging from small homes to the largest of commercial buildings.

Of course, you might be wondering, “how will bat-proofing structures affect the look of my house?” In addition to being durable, effective, and long-lasting, our custom-made bat-proofing structures are designed to blend in with buildings of all types. You’ll be pleased to discover that our bat-proofing structures boast a simple, streamlined aesthetic which intends to complement its surroundings. Call (419) 552-2001 now to start the bat-proofing process!

What Bat-Proofing Supplies Do We Use?

Bat Proofing Structures by caulking gaps that allow bats in


Often, bats can make their way into your home or attic through gaps between your house’s different elements, especially on the roof. Bat Removal Findlay Ohio uses high-grade, all-weather caulk designed to survive the harshest conditions.
Bat Proofing Structures with chimney covers

Vent And Chimney Caps

Bats love exploiting easy-to-access areas like vents and chimneys. We suggest installing vent caps and chimney caps wherever possible to prevent this from happening. We use extra durable materials to ensure that bats cannot penetrate the barriers.
Bat Proofing Structures by placing flashing over gaps


Flashing is essential for maintaining the health of your home. Not only will it fortify your defense against invading bats, but proper flashing will protect your home against water leakage and keep your interior secure for years to come.
Bat Proofing Structures by placing screening over attic vents


Screening is one of the most effective ways of preventing bats from entering your home or attic. We custom-fit each screen to cover even the toughest of openings. Furthermore, we use highly durable materials that are built to last.
Be Proactive In Bat Proofing Structures

The Steps We Take In Bat Proofing Structures

Bat Proofing Structures with wire mesh

We Locate All Possible Bat Entrances

The first part of any bat removal job is to figure out how and why bats are invading your home or attic. We locate each potential entry point which can include common elements like vents, chimneys, ducts, and hard-to-find gaps in walls and roofing.
Bat Proofing Structures by covering soffits

We Seal All Possible Entrances

Before removing the bats permanently, we seal off each secondary entry point. This is a necessary precursor to eviction, as bats can otherwise return inside the house unless each entry point is located and sealed off beforehand.
Bat Proofing Structures by using bat houses

Consider Building Bat Houses

What better way to keep bats out of your house than to give them a viable alternative? Bat houses are specifically designed to act as a shelter for passing bats. They’re simple to construct, easy to maintain, and great for the ecosystem!

Do You Want These Bat Disasters In Your Findlay Ohio Home? We Don’t Think So!

 Bat Proofing Structures Is Necessary!  Get Our Bat Removal Findlay Ohio Pros In Your Home Now!

Bat Proofing Structures prevents Bat Guano Pile in an Attic
Bat Proofing Structures prevents a messy attic with bat guano
Bat Proofing Structures prevents old moldy piles of bat guano in an attic
Bat Proofing Structures prevents a bat colony inside an attic
Bat Proofing Structures prevents having to get attic decontamination services
Bat Proofing Structures prevents layers of bat guano in an attic.

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