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You Don’t Want Your Home To Be A Bat House!

Bat Removal And Exclusion – The Best In Bat Removal At Bat Removal Findlay Ohio

For Removal Of Bats, You Want Bat Removal Findlay Ohio, A Humane Bat Removal Company That Does Not Do Bat Extermination.

A Quick Overview Of The Process Of Bat Removal And Exclusion

Fixing gaps in wood is an important Bat Removal And Exclusion process.


We Determine Where Bats Are Getting In Your Building

You must screen attic vents for proper Bat Removal And Exclusion


We Seal All Exit And Entry Points But One Or Two

Bat valves let bats out when doing Bat Removal And Exclusion


We Place Bat Valves Over The Entry And Exit Points For A Week

The Bat Removal And Bat Exclusions Process

Where Are The Bats Entering My Home?

STEP 1 – How Are The Bats Getting In?

The most common bat species in Findlay and northwest Ohio are remarkably nimble, capable of fitting through the tightest of slots. As a result, you may find bats in your home or attic even if there are no blatant gaps from them to get through.

First, we will determine exactly how bats entered your home. They could be using any combination of vents, chimneys, ducts, windows, or other entry points. Furthermore, the bats may have secondary entry points at their disposal.

We make sure to leave no open routes for bats to re-enter your home after removing them. Once we figure out how the bats are getting inside, we can begin the second part of the bat removal process: sealing all secondary entry points.

Covering holes in your roof is necessary for Bat Removal And Exclusion
We Have To Close Off Almost All Of The Bats Entrances & Exits 

STEP 2 – The Gap Sealing Process

After determining how the bats are entering and leaving your home, we can form a concrete plan to remove them safely and permanently. This involves sealing off secondary entry points and using the primary point to remove them using a bat valve.

First, we seal off every gap except for the main entry point around your home and attic so that the bats have no way to get back inside once properly removed. To ensure success, we seal each gap using materials and techniques consistent with its size, shape, and surroundings.

Rest assured, we perform each task to perfection, as even the slightest mishap when sealing gaps could spell disaster in the form of future bat invasions. Once we are positive there is no way for the bats to return, we will begin the final step in the bat removal process.

Flashing is used for Bat Removal And Exclusion
Installing The One Way Bat Valves

STEP 3 – Bat Valves Let Bats Out But Not Back In

Finally, we will use the primary entry point to install a temporary, one-way bat valve. This genius behind the bat valve is that it allows bats to exit your home safely while making it impossible to re-enter from the outside.

As it is important not to harm the bats, we cannot physically remove them ourselves. This time frame can last several days, depending on the colony’s size. After all the bats have exited your home or attic, we can remove the temporary bat valve from the primary entry point and seal it off for good.

Once everything is completed, we will offer bat-proofing services so that your home and attic will be completely protected against future bat invasions. Call our Findlay office today at (419) 552-2001 to get the bat removal process started!

Bat Valves are used for Bat Removal And Exclusion

The Last Step – Sealing The Bat Valve Openings So You Are 100% Bat-Proofed

Now That We’ve Protected You From From Bats Re-entering You May Need Our Findlay Attic Cleanup And Sanitation Experts To Clean Up The Mess That Bat Colony Left Behind

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