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Bats Of Ohio – Brought To You By Bat Removal Findlay Ohio

Bats Play A Number Of Roles In Ohio’s Ecosystems, But They Also Love To Live In Your Home So Take The Time To Get To Know The Bats Of Ohio.

Bats Have Their Place In Nature But Not In Your Ohio Home!

What You Should Know About The Bats Of Ohio

You may not know this, but Ohio has a wonderful nature preserve in Metro Park, Clear Creek. In the park’s caves, bats hibernate but will leave when the weather warms and search out their summer roosting homes. Many bat species can be found in the park’s caves, including the endangered northern long-eared bat, federally protected.

Bats in the US faced a major crisis when White Nose Syndrome(WNS) infected the population. In 2011, the first case of WNS was verified in a deserted mine in Lawrence County, Ohio. Since then, WNS has been found in counties throughout Ohio.

Bats of Ohio numbers have diminished dramatically since WNS’s discovery. But, bats still manage to get into Ohio homes, and often in large numbers in attics. When a bat colony gets in your home’s attic, they can cause serious problems from their feces and urine and produce unhealthy conditions in your living spaces.

Buckeye Wildlife Solutions Northwest division believes it’s important you get to know the Bats Of Ohio, and especially the Little Brown Bat and the Big Brown Bat, the two most common bats found in Ohio homes and attics.

The Bats Of Ohio Species – The Controversy

Bat Conservation International at BATCON.ORG states twelve species of bats have been found in Ohio. Most Ohio sites regarding bats generally claim eleven species of bats in Ohio though we’ve seen some sites say as many as thirteen. No matter the exact number, the two most common bats we’ve found in Ohio homes and attics are The Big Brown Bat and the Little Brown Bat

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