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Buckeye Wildlife Solutions NW Solves Upper Sandusky Ohio Bat Problems

Upper Sandusky Bat Removal 

Bat Removal And Bat Exclusion create difficult challenges for wildlife nuisance removal professionals. So, our Upper Sandusky Ohio community requires THE experienced team of Buckeye Wildlife Solutions NW experts who can meet any challenge.

“I promise my company will exceed all health recommendations during the pandemic. Plus, we can perform most tasks outside of your living environment. I take pride in all the services that I provide, and customer satisfaction is #1.”

The Best To You And Yours,

Chris Witmer, Owner Of Northwest Ohio Branch Of Buckeye Wildlife Solutions

The 6 signs that bats are in your Upper Sandusky home

  • There are piles of bat poop(guano) in one corner of the attic or near an entry point
  • You see Guano on attic insulation
  • There are stains on the attic walls from bat pee
  • Your attic has a strong smell of ammonia, which is caused by the excrement build-up
  • You hear squeaking noises or scratching sounds
  • Seeing live or dead bats around your home

How much does bat exclusion cost in Upper Sandusky?

We price Bat removal/exclusion according to your home’s size and the amount of work needed for our services. For example, if bats are exiting from one entry point, your costs will ordinarily be less costly than homes that have many unsealed entrances.

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When You Want The Best In Bat Removal And Exclusion

Upper Sandusky Bat Removal And Exclusion

Whether it be one bat or a colony, our Upper Sandusky Bat Removal team solves your bat problem with their exclusion and removal processes. Our team provides effective, humane bat removal and control by locating every area of your home where bats are entering and exiting. We can ensure an entire bat colony can safely exit through a One-Way Bat Valve, preventing any dying bats.

Our Upper Sandusky Bat Removal team has a wealth of experience, and our bat experts at Buckeye Wildlife Solutions NW are all licensed and certified to perform all bat-related tasks. These tasks include bat removal, damage repair caused by bats, and attic restoration.

With years of education and real-world experience, Buckeye Wildlife Solutions NW meets and exceeds your expectations. If you are having problems with bats, give our Upper Sandusky Bat Removal experts a call before removing bats yourself. Bat Removal can be problematic and potentially dangerous if you are not properly trained since bats can carry rabies.

The Bat Valve at  Upper Sandusky Bat Removal
the bat valve TBV-FR4 at  Upper Sandusky Bat Removal
The bat valve TBV-SG3 at  Upper Sandusky Bat Removal
The Best In All Things Attics

Upper Sandusky Attic Cleanup, Sanitation, and Insulation Replacement

Our Upper Sandusky attic restoration team is second to none. You can rest assured that no matter what you’re facing, we have the tools to fix it quickly and with the utmost care. We specialize in all areas of attic cleanup and restoration including sanitizing surfaces, damage repairs, insulation replacement, and after-the-fact animal prevention.

Below, you’ll find a general idea of what to expect from our attic restoration service. Firstly, we will survey your attic and draw out a detailed plan that addresses each of your specific needs. Then, we will conduct a full cleaning sweep to ensure that no damaged or contaminated materials are left behind. Afterward, we’ll completely sanitize your attic, making it safe to use again.

Once these basic steps have been covered, we will be able to address the aspects of your attic situation which require more specialized solutions. This may include replacing insulation, fixing damaged vents, replacing chewed-up wires, and much more. Our team is available 24/7 at (419) 552-2001 for even the most urgent situations.

bat guano in attic
bat guano cleanup
attic cleaned and ready to be sanitized
Attic sanitizing at Upper Sandusky Bat Removal
 Upper Sandusky Bat Removal insulation replacement
New insulation at  Upper Sandusky Bat Removal
We Keep Bats Out With High-End Sealing

Upper Sandusky Bat Proofing Structures

Keeping bats out can be a complicated chore. Bats are remarkably crafty creatures, many of which can fit through dime-sized gaps. This makes it nearly impossible to keep them out of your home and attic without proper bat-proofing structures. Below, we’ll highlight the basics of your average bat-proofing installation job.

Once your home and attic are clear of invading bats, our Upper Sandusky Bat Removal team will identify all problem areas which may be susceptible to future bat activity. We’ll also offer suggestions on how to prevent unwanted activity using our custom-fit bat-proofing barriers. These are physical deterrents that are placed over problematic gaps in the structure of your home.

Upper Sandusky Bat Removal designs bat-proofing structures to fit chimneys, vents, roofs, walls, and much more. Furthermore, they’re designed with high-grade metals that are not only strong but are also capable of blending in with your home’s facade. Beef up your bat defenses without sacrificing the aesthetic of your home by calling our office today at (419) 552-2001!

Repairing Screening For Bat Proofing
Bat proofing chimneys
bat proofing fascia with metal

One Of Many Ways We Identify Bat Openings In Your Upper Sandusky Home

Upper Sandusky Home Bat Invasion Video Tells It All

Bats squeeze through dime-sized openings, making almost every home exposed to a bat colony. In the case of this Ohio home, a bat colony had taken over the attic. Our Upper Sandusky Bat Removal team caught members of the colony leaving the home at night via a small gap between the roof and fascia.

Humane Bat Removal Always

 All Ohio Bats Are Protected

It is illegal to injure or destroy a bat unless a bite or a possible exposure to a bite has occurred. Bat exclusions for colonies of 15 or more bats are forbidden during certain times of the year because these colones are generally maternal colonies. Like Little and Big Brown Bats, female bats of some species get together in structures, give birth, and raise young bats.

Exclusions of maternal colonies are forbidden because the bat babies cannot fly and are completely dependent on their moms. If a mother bat can’t get back into the structure because they were excluded, her babies will suffer and die. Bat babies fly after a few weeks but are initially shaky fliers. Baby bats need time before they are no longer nursing and can strike out on their own. Our Upper Sandusky Bat Removal members will not harm a maternity colony as this would be inhumane.

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